Clipping Path Services

When it comes to clipping path, understanding the details is very crucial for the freshness and attractiveness of live images for pursuing clients. You need a 100% accurate clipping path, and your product or services will display that value to the client. You have to get your images quality right, as best as possible by high-end clipping path.

Iconic Clipping believes in the value of a customer which is of the utmost importance. We do not compromise quality. Hand vetted clipping path and cut out is our specialty, and our perfection is achieved as we use the latest version of Photoshop. We have very highly skilled and experienced designers to make clean edges, Cut Out Cow, Cut Out Wiz and without doubt quality control is maintained at its highest level at. That represents your images at a glance as it looks realistic, gorgeous, smooth and matches with feel.

Our existing dedicated clients are extremely happy with our brand of services. We keep in constant touch with our clients with smart communication by providing on time delivery and exclusive unbeatable price within the deadline. We focus our high-end quality for the client all the time, and we keep that commitment.


1. Upload the Images that you need retouching.

2. Get feedback from us within 30 minutes or less.

3. Give us a confirmation to work for your projects.

4. Get your retouched photos within 4 hours.

5. Earn more revenue and make your client happy.

Our Works

WHY iconic clipping ?


We expert in Clipping Path and photo editing services with High END Quality. Every single image has been checked twice by QC before sending to client and ensure clients requirements.


We are committed to deliver on-time and every time.We provide a quote feedback within 30 min or less. Our main strength is speedy and fast work with efficient way.


Iconic Clipping provides best affordable price within the client budget. We consider bulk discount for large volume of images with high end quality. We guarantee to beat any price quote.

Method to Understand About Clipping Path Service

Method 1: What Is Clipping Path Service?

Clipping Path – alternative names is “deep etching”. It is very popular as a cutout. It is a process to remove unwanted objects from an image. Iconic Clipping has Photoshop experts, and they apply pen tool all around the desired object to clip and remove the background. It is a similar process to cut something by the cutter.
When the clipping path process is completed, the intended object is only shown, and the unnecessary matters are removed. Clipping path is used in all ecommerce images. Everyday millions of images are used all around the world.
An advantage of clipping paths is that you get a freedom to use image manipulation. Whenever and where you use it, match or add a new background to increase attractiveness of the image. Otherwise, it is popularly used as a PNG transparency file format, or white background to sell more of your product and services.
Unique circumstances – clipping path services are used globally by several major online retailing companies like Amazon, E-bay, Etsy, Alibaba and more to store and sell your product everywhere. Simple clipping path makes your business easy and helps to increase instant sales. It is an elastic relationship with clipping path services to online ecommerce business and retail stores.

Method 2: Who needs this service?

After you do your latest small or large volume Photo-shoot, you have second responsibility to return the images to your client. Clipping path editing is now required and is crucial in this post-production. Iconic Clipping’s image editing services to solve your problem, if you do not know how to clipping yourself.
Each and every professional and famous photographer has their images edited and waste their valuable time by having to do their own editing and retouching themselves in-house, and you too do not have enough time to edit and retouch your product photography images yourself.
Iconic Clipping we fully understand your business and very well aware of your pressure and requirements. We assure you with unbeatable pricing and accurate finished clipping path services under your budget. You will be amazed by our exceptional and professional editing and fast turnaround. We help your business increase your overall efficiency significantly by saving you your valuable time, effort and money.

Method 3: How to Clipping Path in Photoshop?

In a simple sense – an experienced Photoshop expert usually uses the pen tool to get an accurate clipping path for removing background from all images. There are a few simple steps to disclose the secret of a pen tool which is used for product photography.
Iconic Clipping’s dedicated and talented Photoshop experts use the pen tool with the latest version for a fast clipping path. Whether the image is simple, medium or complex our experienced editors meet every challenge and excels. Multipath may use to select particular areas within a photo, for example Jewelry images. You need to apply clipping path, color correction, brightness/contrast, etc., to serve the purpose. We have a research team who analyze the image first to apply a high technique application for high-quality editing every time.

Method 4: When you need Clipping Path Services?

You need a clipping path to remove background from an image. You have images and you need them edited and Clipping Path can make the products actual outline, if you want to sell them on Amazon, eBay, Esty, Alibaba, or your online store. Every photographer and online retailing company needs clipping path services to cut out images. This is a basic solution for any type of photo enhancement to replace a background and for image manipulation.

Method 5: Where to outsource Clipping Path service?

Our high skilled professional graphic designers all have 7-10 years of experience in the sector of clipping path and deep etching services. Their vast knowledge of Photoshop Pen Tool allows them to produce High-Quality image solutions. We zoom in as much as possible, as much as 300% or more, for all of the images during the editing process, so that every pixel counts.
We always take care of all our clients, and we’re committed to provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we save and secure your images. We’re also committed to give you unbeatable flat rates and affordable prices that no competitor can match. Who does not save money- it has a proverb “one dollar save means one dollar earn”. Working with us, you will save up to 30% of your money which is very crucial to keep revenue in your Business.
The Educated Digital Word has a demanding quality with fast and on time delivery –We provide 24/7 operation to our valuable clients.