Photo Masking Services

To increase the apparent sharpness whatever your requirement photo masking plays a great role. You can’t even imagine how our skilled designer can apply photo masking and divert into a transparent look Model Masking. Applying image masking strategy opacity can easily hide from the photo. All over provide a flawless real image which is too necessary for every sector.


1. Upload the Images that you need retouching.

2. Get feedback from us within 30 minutes or less.

3. Give us a confirmation to work for your projects.

4. Get your retouched photos within 4 hours.

5. Earn more revenue and make your client happy.

Our Works

WHY iconic clipping ?


We expert in Clipping Path and photo editing services with High END Quality. Every single image has been checked twice by QC before sending to client and ensure clients requirements.


We are committed to deliver on-time and every time.We provide a quote feedback within 30 min or less. Our main strength is speedy and fast work with efficient way.


Iconic Clipping provides best affordable price within the client budget. We consider bulk discount for large volume of images with high end quality. We guarantee to beat any price quote.

Method to Understand About Photo Masking Service

Method 1: What Is Photo Masking Service?

Photo Masking is the same process in Background Removal from Images that may apply with hair, fur, clothing, etc. For example, it is not possible to keep all single hair for the purpose of removing background only. At Iconic Clipping, we apply 100% accuracy to keep all and single hair in your images by applying advanced technique methods which is not possible by editing companies. Our Expert high skill designers are specialists in Photo Masking as well.
If you close your eyes and think – How is it possible to make assiduous Photo Masking? It really requires a lot of indulgences, high-end skill, time and effort. It is a combined process in a large volume of work in relation to output photo masking, and we apply all techniques here with skilled precision with high-end finished work showing the details.
If you are your own Boss, photographer or company owner, and doing the photo masking by yourself, then that is great. You will spend a lot of time and effort. And saving time means to earn money.

Method 2: Who needs this service?

If you have to remove the background from a hair or fur image you need photo/Images Masking Services. Sometimes it is essential to use Photo Masking for a large volume of Images. It is very crucial to focus on the website to influence the customer for more sales. In this stage, you need realistic Images with aesthetics. A photographer needs Photo Making Services to save time, effort and money. No one allows unwanted objects or backgrounds in the product’s images. If you’re in the middle of two photo shoots, you do not have enough time to edit your images as the client’s delivery time is of the utmost urgency. And at Iconic Clipping, we are ready to give urgent services to solve any of our client’s problems with high-end quality. We deliver our product only after doing a quality check twice.

Method 3: How to Image Masking in Photoshop?

In Photoshop, there are many ways to apply Photo Masking, we, at Iconic Clipping, apply our created high-end unique techniques to make your product look special and 100% accurate, which will help you to generate more sales. Normally common designers use selection, pen tool, masking, channel masking, etc., but originally to make more perfection you must apply our advanced methods.

Method 4: When you need Photo Masking Services?

When you need to upload your images to Amazon, eBay, Etsy or even to your own online shop. Your product is relevant with the hair, or fur that you need white background, or replacing any single color for matching with your Brand. Method 5: Where to outsource Clipping Path service?
Our high skilled professional graphic designers all have 7-10 years of experience in the sector of clipping path and deep etching services. Their vast knowledge of Photoshop Pen Tool allows them to produce High-Quality image solutions. We zoom in as much as 300% or more, for all of the images during the editing process, so that every pixel counts.
We always take care of all our clients, and we’re committed to provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we save and secure your images. We’re also committed to give you unbeatable flat rates and affordable prices that no competitor can match. Who does not save money- it has a proverb “one dollar save means one dollar earn”. Working with us, you will save up to 30% of your money which is very crucial to keep revenue in your Business.
The Educated Digital Word has a demanding quality with fast and on time delivery –We provide 24/7 operation to our valuable clients.